Gold-Woven Cloths

Gold-Woven Cloths

Atropars gold-woven cloths is a fabric woven with a gold-wrapped or spun weft—referred to as "a spirally spun gold strip". In most cases, the core yarn is silk wrapped (filé) with a band or strip of high content gold. In rarer instances, fine linen and wool have been used as the core.
Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion

Atropars manufactures Gold bullion in differnt sizes and weights
Gold and Jewelry

Gold and Jewelry

Atropars as a manufacturer of gold accessories is currently manufactures bracelets,...
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    About Atropars

    Phase 1) building commissioning and operation of generating units of 18 carat gold 24 carat gold ingot * Unit features: Variety of Products: 24-carat bullion weight of 1000 g / 250 g and 100 g Annual production capacity of 30,000 kg. 5/1362 sqm Land Area The area of ​​1320 square meters. Year of operation in 1392 Phase 2: The production of articles of jewelry * Characteristics of the project: The annual production capacity of 21,000 kg. Product variations: all kinds of ornaments and jewelry Land area of 11,000 square meters. The building is 8900 square meters 120 Ashtghalzdayy Year of operation in 1395
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    - Provide product complying with international standards and international standards, relying on experts trained and experienced laboratory managers and - Participation in International Markets - Providing a variety of requirements to meet customer demand - Ability to produce in bulk - Prices compared with similar products - Fast and secure delivery - A stylish package - Capital accumulation in a manner allowing the - Old and worn to promote technology in the jewelry industry - Create value based on lean manufacturing

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